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Blood Mercy: Thicker Than Water


An autographed paperback of Thicker Than Water by Janeen Ippolito.


Vampirism is a choice. Blood is an addiction.

One cursed immortal treads the line between good and evil.

Since the times of ancient Egypt, Melrose Durante has tirelessly opposed rogue vampires and given refuge for those who choose to treat their blood condition with science rather than the bloodshed and dark magic preferred by his brother, Jean-Claude.

For centuries, they have fought a hidden war.

Their battle begins anew when a half-starved vampire attacks Melrose. She claims to be Lucy, a disturbed woman prone to incoherent rants. But to Melrose she’s something more – his lost wife, Jane. Twisted by Jean-Claude to enact a horrific wake of destruction on vampires and humans alike.

And not even Melrose’s immortal wisdom may be able to stop her.


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