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be new

We are fascinated by original concepts or fresh twists on old tropes. We believe in author’s abilities to put their unique spin on stories and we want that to shine out in every part of a story. If it’s weird or crazy, we’d love to see it!  Along with being new comes being flexible. We at UUP have imaginative visionary hats and practical marketing hats. All of our stories have to go through a critiquing process to make sure the new ideas also have a chance of turning a profit. Considering you’re hoping to make money on your book as well, we believe this focus on new concepts and reader accessibility is a happy pairing!

be bold

UUP is a small press with big ideas. We’re looking for people willing to partner with that vision. We do provide professional in-house editing, cover design, typesetting, and merchandising opportunities. We’re all about providing authors with the materials they need to succeed. And as the author, you bring the passion for your story that no one can match–not even us after we’ve had serious caffeine! We expect authors to be active on social media, blogs, and in local advertising in their areas.

be uncommon

We’re looking for speculative fiction, from urban fantasy to hard science fiction to mythology to horror to paranormal romance. We also want imaginative world-building that integrates with the plot. This can be as simple as shape-shifter species in an otherwise human world, or as complex as an interplanetary epic with many cultures, but we want to see world-building that impacts the characters and story instead of just serving as a backdrop. Invite us into stories that can only take place with dragons or cytoplasmic aliens or talking park benches. Your imagination is the limit!

We are a general market press that appreciates stories reflecting struggles of good and evil internally and externally.

We are also looking for complex characters who push the plot and feel as real as the person next door. Not perfect role models, but regular people who make their share of both good and bad decisions, who deal with the consequences of their actions, and who learn and grow over the course of the story.

We are open to clean content or mature content as long as it fits the story and is tastefully done (‘clean’ can equal boring the same way ‘mature’ can equal gratuitous).

We are open to acquiring self-published work.

What UUP Members Personally Wave Flags For:


Humor of all kinds, including the odd fart joke (hey, if Roald Dahl can make it work…). She also loves strong voices in fairy tale, horror, and urban fantasy. And she not-so-secretly enjoys romantic subplots.


Trippy stories that go beautiful and eerie places, and characters who wrestle with good, evil, and the consequences of their own choices. She also loves explosions, sarcasm, and weird mythological creatures.


Haunting stories (especially with Romantic and Gothic overtones) that have a fair amount of snark and a lot of suspense. She’s also a fan of kitchen sink-style adventure stories with all kinds of mythology, mysticism, and genre elements thrown in.

We’re always looking to acquire: 

  • Novels (70,000 – 150,000 words) and novellas (17,000 – 50,000 words)
  • YA or adult
  • Completed manuscripts, edited and spell-checked
  • Complex characters
  • Unique World-Building. This can be as simple as shape-shifter species in an otherwise human world, or as complex as an interplanetary epic with many cultures.

Qualities we look for in authors:

  • Can-Do Attitude
  • Social Media Presence (no one can sell your book better than you)
  • Team Player (we’re all in this business together!)
  • Accessibility (answering email and Facebook messages)
  • Flexibility and adaptability

Perks for authors:

  • Editing/Proofreading
  • No Upfront Costs – Traditional, Royalty-Paying Press
  • A modest advance
  • Formatting for eBooks and paperbacks
  • Cover design with author input
  • Customized marketing materials, with option for additional work at discounted rate
  • Distribution to major online retailers
  • Marketing through our website and social media platforms, including virtual launch parties and author events
  • Sales presence at conventions and conferences

Formatting Guidelines:

  • 12 pt Times New Roman font
  • 1-inch margins
  • .docx or .doc format
  • Page break between chapters
  • Chapter headings bolded, all caps, with two spaces between chapter heading and text

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