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Uncommon Universes Press was founded in 2016 when Janeen Ippolito, Sarah White, and Julia Busko joined creative forces. With our combined expertise in writing, editing, teaching, and the visual arts, we aim to create a home for unique fantastical fiction.

Janeen Ippolito
Janeen IppolitoPresident/Editor-in-Chief (Fearless Leader)
Janeen is an author coach and editor by day, a sword-fighter by night and a writer by heart. She has a B.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies, Writing, and ESL and has a passion for using humor and cultures in speculative fiction. She is also an experienced entrepreneur who actually enjoys leading business ventures and marketing as much as writing. She is slightly addicted to creating quote memes. One of her goals in life is to eat a fried tarantula.

Janeen loves connecting with fellow authors and creatives. Her personal flavor of speculative fiction is Monsters, Misfits, and Mushy Stuff, where there be gritty stories, snark, and romance. Also check out her unique writing help site, Write Inside Out!

Sarah Delena White
Sarah Delena WhiteAdministrative Manager (Benevolent Firebird)
Sarah is a vagabond on a never-ending quest for truth, beauty, and really good lattes. She has degrees in Intercultural Studies and Teaching English as a Second Language, and loves to explore the connections between fantastic stories – both modern and ancient – and the cultures that invent them. When she’s not writing, she can be found making jewelry, singing Irish ballads, and working a variety of odd jobs. She occasionally remembers to eat and sleep, because those things are apparently important. She also loves chickens.

Find Sarah on her personal website, or check out Royal Vagabond Designs, her line of fantasy-inspired handmade jewelry!

Julia Busko
Julia BuskoIllustration/Graphic Design (Elusive Unicorn)
Using her years of Ballet and Modern dance, Julia creates dynamic illustrations that tell stories and allow readers to delve deeper into the worlds she’s drawing. She has a BFA in illustration in from Pennsylvania Academy of Art and Design and is under the mentorship of award-winning cover designer Kirk DouPonce. She loves combining modern aesthetics with different art histories to create unique visual cultures. Her natural habitat is cuddled up on a couch with a sketch book, often with a blanket over her head.

Find Julia on her personal website.